Definitely Hurting

Because I'm losing friends. Not just losing them, but they're actually turning on me. For no reason that's relevant to them. It makes me feel furious to see outsiders manipulating a situation that has nothing to do with them. They will see in the end, but it upsets me so much to know how long it might take. It upsets me also, to see how many people are not true and genuine friends. It's really hard to feel like you're up against a situation on your own. A situation that's beyond your control. It's mountains and molehills. There's no point in panicking about something that you simply cannot change, this is one of those things. I just need to wait it out and soldier on.
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Hey fresheyes, (I like your EP name). It's me again Heathland.
I'm commenting on this even though you wrote in Dec. of 2012.

And I can't believe that the 26 people (thus far) didn't even have the kindness to say at least: "Thank you for your story". I hat when you put time, thoughts, & feelings into a story & no one ever comments.

I'm soo sorry you're hurting inside & losing friends & even those you believed to be your friends, are turning on you.
I am praying for you. Yes, I'm also a Christian. And I also have lost friends & had even Christian friends turn on me. Even when I haven't done anything wrong. I had been sick (kidney disorder) at home & had not been to my church for about 2 months. I was hoping & praying that someone from my church would come see me (or even call me) to see how I was/felt. Well, I got an answer...well kindof. 3 church deacons came to see me, BUT NOT TO SEE HOW I WAS DOING!!! Someone else in my church told the church & deacons that I wasn't sick (cause he saw me driving around in my red van), that I was angry with the church (for something he said, but I don't remember what lie it was). The deacons came by to chastise/rebuke me for my anger. I had told them I had know idea what they were talking about. I wasn't angry at anybody...that wasn't why I hadn't gone to church. I told them I'd been so sick I hadn't left the house in 2 months. Then they told me that someone in the church saw me driving my red van w/in the last 2 months.

Well, I knew who told them that...I knew who told them lies. I don't think I told them who. But he was supposed to be my friend, & he was supposed to be a Christian...oh well.
BUT getting back to why others/friends turn on you, betray you.
It seemed like the closer I got to the Lord/our-Father...the more I prayed for others & myself, the more I read His Word --- the more enemies I got...these enemies includes those I thought were my friends, or even those who were my Christian friends.

If you remember, Jesus had a friend turn on Him, betray Him...Judas, and then there was Peter, who at the time Jesus most needed Him -- when He was arrested -- Peter denied Him 3 times...before the rooster **** crowed.

I also, added a comment to another of your stories. Link:

I'm praying for you, Heathland {;-{)>