What Have I Done? Where Am I Going? What Am I Doing?

  Here I sit.....

alone, angry, hurt, upset, with uncontrolled tears and near hyperventilation.

What have I done? I yelled and screamed got upset and told him to leave......my anger made him choose and so he left.

Where am I going? I do not know. I feel so alone, confused and utterly overwhelmed that I am left here, broken, and no way to get an answer to this question. It was so hurried....it was too fast. And now I am left alone......

What am I doing? That too, I do not know. I am left wandering with so many questions. I went looking for him today when I thought the bus was coming through town......but it left in a hurry with me standing next to it, tears in my eyes. If you were there, you didn't see me I guess......gosh I hope you didn't just ignore me when you saw me standing there.

Now I wait.....2 days, 22 hours and 50 minutes to figure out what to say, if anything.....and find a way out of this darkness I have created :-(

It is so dark here.....someone save me, please.

MegJgeM MegJgeM
36-40, F
7 Responses Mar 6, 2010

so do I Myo...so do I

:-( This makes me sad. I so badly want things to work out for both of you. ((hugs))

Depends if you want things to work out you should talk to him. And if you dont well its your fault.

All things meant to be eventually have a way of working out.

TEP-Uh.... I am seriously contemplating getting on the first plane south if you promise not to change...

M- So sorry... I know how bad you are hurting.... Just know there are better days just around the corner...

I'm really sorry this happened ((((((Meg))))). Since anger and fear tend to put us in a very reactive state, I would beg you to try to regain composure first before doing/saying anything.