Physically Hurting. Emotionally Torn In Two. Three. Ten.

I am so torn. I was scared. I was hopeful. I was wanting but terrified of "it" happening. decided to take that worry away from me. No more worrying. It has happened again. And I don't know how to feel. Part of me is too ******* chicken to go through Dil issues again. I can't take seeing him during those bad days. Part of me says "life is short. Next time could be perfectly fine. Another doesn't HAVE to have the same issue"

I wish that voice would either scream or shut the hell up. I trying. And life kicked me again. I can't stand seeing it fade away. The nightmares.....I guess they were founded. They did mean something.

I haven't told my husband. I don't know how to. I told myself I would tonight. But I'm scared of how he'll take it. After the very first miscarriage our marriage went to ****. That is when he changed. He's been more the person I once knew...but will this be what brings the monster back? Can I take another blow? Can I put myself and my son through this again? I don't know..I really don't.

I wasn't very far this time. I thought it would be easier. Last time was 6 weeks. Before that 17 weeks. Both hurt the same mentally. Sure...everything will pass. But that empty feeling lingers no matter how long I carried.

I left my mum a voice mail. Nice daughter aye? *shrugs* I'm a I said. I can't tell my sis today. She is SO hoping it will happen. It's her birthday today. I won't do that to her today.

I just want to feel like it isn't my fault. That there isn't some reason that life keeps hurting me. I know in my head that it's normal. That these things happen. But my heart is paranoid and trying to hide from the world. I hate being torn.
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7 Responses Oct 26, 2010

*hugs Lady and thanks Angel* <br />
<br />
I know it's natural...but you know...

Aw puss.......*holds tightly* I didn't know......I'm sorry.....*cries with you*

*hugs you close and cries on shoulder*

*Hugs LP tightly and doesnt let go* I am sorry .. you feel the way you need to .. but there are two things that are 100% true ... 1 this is not your fault...2 there are people that absolutely love you and will be here to lend you a shoulder. I wish you peace and closure my darling pickle.

I love you too sis.

You would trade me places? That is the nicest thing anyone has ever said to me. I love you too Wolfie.

*hugs De back and cries on shoulder*