I Doesn't Go Away

 I hurt.  My past won't leave me.  My mind goes to past pain and anguish when I least expect it.  I want to forget.  I have argued in the past that the pain is necessary for forward movement, but that was all bullshit.  I don't need this pain.  Just let me move on and STOP THINKING ABOUT IT.  Why won't it go away.
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4 Responses Jan 14, 2008

I hurt because my ex gf broke my heart...she hurt me in such a way that it was traumatic...I been sooo numb...I been deeply depressed, to a point I just dont have a will to live at times...I just pick myself up and hold my head up....But its a bad feeling to be hurt.

Learn to say good bye to your ghosts. I learned that. I had to say good bye to those ghosts that haunt you. I held on to people who never wanted to be friends, but they were holding me back. They were never my friends. If they were, they would have kept in touch, but they didn't. NOt just friends, but family. It's not easy, but you need to move on. Keep on keeping on. Let it go.

I have the same problem. It just follows you. Haunts you. The moment you're alone it all hits like a train. <br />
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Hon, only you can make it stop. You are obssessing and no one else can control your mind.<br />
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I have no idea of the specifics, of course, the who, what, why, when of what is bothering you and I certainly don't need to know. <br />
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I can only tell you what I would do in your situation and that is TRY to fill my life, my world, my mind with thoughts of something other than myself. Other than what you have been obssessing about.<br />
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I realize that is difficult, but if you are focusing on others, it means you will not be focusing (obssessing) on yourself (or the current dilemma.)<br />
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I hope you find peace and joy.