Does It Get Better???

Decided to END my LTR due to both extreme stress over (what they made to be EVERYTHING) and the constant drama over their EX......all set with that...thanks.

Right now, my hands tingle as I type, listening to the most sappy music I can find in my portable media, but worst of all is the beating, both my head and heart in unison, to the ache breaking things off brings.

We'd been together for 3 years....the first 6 months were great, but as time drug on, it got worse and worse....just now did I find the nerve that severed the's just too much for me to try and compete with their ex, even though they are locked up for being stupid, but I asked myself, when they told me some info about them....Do I GAD?? An immediate NO was if their life isn't interesting enough, they feel the need to STILL be a part of their exs......ok all done with that one...

Back to the pain, it's like I'm reason to live....and I don't want to open up to my family or friends, as easy as it would be....
lostntransl8tion lostntransl8tion
Jan 11, 2011