Is It Worse To Hurt Than To Feel Nothing?

After a series of tragedies in my life, I shut myself down and started living like a zombie. I would complain to my therapists that underneath it all, the daily business, inside I felt just... gray. Just a layer of gray underlies everything. I wonder some times if I'm alive at all.
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2 Responses Jan 17, 2012

What happened in your life to make you respond to life like this

The mind will do what it can to keep you alive and that means sometimes shutting out all emotion so you don't feel emotional pain anymore. It's really sad when you don't experience joy like you used to but it is a survival instinct. Deep down you or your subconscious believes that it is better to feel nothing at all than to feel the emotional pain from your past experiences. <br />
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Maybe one day you will have healed enough for your mind to allow you to start feeling something again. I really hope that happens for you.