He Left Us All Alone And I Can't Stop Crying Or Get Out Of Bed

Hy. I'm 27 year old mum. Have sone and he is 3. I am all alone and don't have anyone to help me,to talk to me. My parents stay in backround and they are not talkative. I really need some help through this.

I am married. From day one his whole family separated us. They wanted him to go abroad (we r from croatia) and marry a girl in switzerland and get papers. They hated me cause I'm not muslim. My housband married me. We didn't have the wedding just dinner. His brother tried to beat him cause he married me. They did not respect me at all. They would tell him that I am not good, that brothers wife is the kind of wife I rhould be,that I ruined his life etc. He would always took their side. When they would leave us alone we had great life with lots of love but they had made their mind to split us. They told my housband that they found him great job in switzerland and to come to brothers house. We came all 3 of us but soon they get rid of me and son (we had to come home). Of course there was no job there. They just wanted him alone so that they could fill his head that I'm no good and that they'll find him a good wife.

They all came for new year in croatia. My housband was different. He wasn't the same person. I tried to talk and asked him does he wan't divorce and he would say that I'm crazy aod pesimistic and that everything would be ok. I asked him is anything wrong with me to tell me and we can fix it but he would say stay as u r and it'll be ok I love you. On new years eve his brother told him again that if I was his wife he couldn't live with me for 24h. My housband for the first time ever got angry and told him that is not his bussines what he will do and that that is his life and I am his wife and that it will not aae as they would like. They almost got into fight. Father got in betwean. 2 days after that my housband left with them again. They left for switzerland and than my housband and grandmother left for germany to grandmothers sister. They said they found him a job and that he would get papers for all of us. But when he came they got him papers so he could live there but there was no job. His father phoned a friend tggat lives next door and asked him to help. That man found a job for my housband the next day and phoned us back with info. My housband told him that he would asap sent for us and that if he couldn't get papers to work that he would come home. One time step mum talked to him and he said that everything would be ok, that he didn't left ur,that he would say if he did and that he is trying to get papers for all of us and that he will call. He never did. All was just a lie. He left us with nothing and alone. He got tgge job and a new life and we r no longer good 4 him.

I can't stop crying. I Have noone to talk to or to help me. I don't understand why did he lied? Why didn't he just told me? But he was playing me and hurting me but I never did anything to diserve that. How could he do that to us? To his son? How can all the love just go away. He left us and I can't get out of my bed. I want to be ok and I'm trying but my brain can't stop working. Please help me. Talk to me or anything. Please. I don't know what else to do.
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I'm sorry that this has happened to you. I know how hard it is to be left alone caring for a child. I don't know what the laws are in your country, but your husband should atleast be paying you child support and if you divorce him he would have to pay you alimony. That would atleast help finacialy. <br />
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All you can do is be strong for you son, don't give up, and try you best everyday.