A Pain I Can't Escape.

It hurts, knowing that you're 21 and no girl has ever fallen for you. It hurts seeing other people having luck in love that you need so desperately. It hurts seeing love & couples EVERYWHERE and being tormented by the fact that you've never felt that kind of love. It hurts when your friends don't understand and your parents treat your problem like a big joke. That's how I feel. Everyday I stay depressed because of all this. I just want all this hurt to go. I want someone to love me so I can hurt no longer.
DGSteele DGSteele 22-25, M 2 Responses Apr 16, 2012

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*hugs* i know how you feel, this even sounds like i could have written it myself. I know it sucks, but you just gotta try to distract yourself. Do the things you love and try not to think about it.Try not to give up, i hope someone will come around soon. :)

U'll find her, just take it slow. Just like Bronte36 said to me once, "a watched kettle never boils". Just stop looking and start doing the things u like and she'll turn up in the most of unexpected of ways ^_^