I Cried A Tear For You Today

We all come here for a reason and we all have issues. We find no understanding in the outside world and we come together here in the Experience Project. Yet even when we feel people understand us; do they love us and do they care and can we trust them and can we trust them?

I do not know always what to say and I know I do not always know what to do. I do know that everyone has a hard day out side of EP and the gifts and gestures I send come from the heart. Your own experiences put tears in my eyes Your stories give me strength to go where I have never gone before. I find strength in them because you and and I are not so much different. We like the same things, some of us hate the same things, we want to be happy, successful and accepted. We want to have enough money to live and enjoy life. We want a life without hate and prejudice. 

We are afraid to reach out and to trust because we have been hurt so many times before. I want to reach out and hug each and everyone of you because I am a loving person. I have always been like that even loving my own abusers and never turned them into the authorities. I asked God to forgive them.

I do not know what is going on through your life today. I am thinking of you and hoping you have a blessed day. We all have bad days and I do not let a bad day get in the way of a relationship. Like the saying goes I would rather lose an argument than a friend. I may not always not what to say or do but know this that I will always care about you. If you are one of my friends I will love you and be loyal to you.

Your Friend

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" We are singular in mind and Human in kind. LOVE is the great equalizer in life."

Because of your courage to be vulnerable and open, many will find hope, encouragement, and healing...<br />
findjoyinyourjournet, clg

Thank you for your kind words. Please accept me as a friend. I am also interested in your website too.

Absolutely right on target. You said what so many of us feel. *air huggles*

I really think so many of us are hurting and we come here because we are hurting.

I am one of the group that is hurting but working towards healing. I think we should somehow come together and have a "group" hug. Wish I knew if it could be done. :)

I would like that very much. However, some of us live in other countries and it would be very difficult.

That's a beautiful post, Jim.<br />
<br />

To verbalize your honesty and share your story warms the heart. I am not sure fostering is really an answer for children anymore. I have known several people that suffered within the foster program here where I live. One was raped by the foster parents oldest son. One was treated like it was her duty to handle all the household chores. She had a gay foster 'father' and I use that term only because I chose to be nice. He was not a father figure far from it. He did not take care of her nor her brother. But he did collect the money the state paid him. It was very sad. <br />
<br />
I am sorry for the abuse you suffered. It should not be like that. I believe that God puts us here to learn and help one another. And if what we have struggled with in life helps only one person, then we have succeeded answering God's call to do just that. I also believe that everyone comes into our lives for a reason. It may be for a moment, or a day or a year. But every encounter we have, we take something away. It may not seem like it at the time. It may take years to realize what that person meant in our lives. But our lives are destined to cross no matter how briefly it is. Thank you for your thoughts and understanding. We are blessed to have you here.....

I am going to write a second story more in details so you will understand me much more.

I was in foster care and so it was through the foster care system this went undetected for years.

What beautiful and touching words.