I Want The Pain To Stop

My pain goes deep. I've been told my entire life to meet peples standers. Why can't peple see the pain that i show in my eyes? Everyone believes a fake smile. When will the day come when someone wiil see through the smile and touch my heart? But what if that same person who touched my heart also shattetred my world? Would my mind and soul and especially my heart be able to except that i let someone enter my world just only to break my whole world? Why cant the people who breought me into this world feel what i feel without criticsizing what i have to say. All i will every ask for is the pain to go away.
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2 Responses Jul 22, 2012

On the day I realized that only I got to choose the thoughts i allowed into my subconscious it was like I had recieved a great gift. On the day I figured out that the people in my life were manipulating me to get their desired outcome, it was like being released from prison. The day i found out that the universe is a living breathing entity and we are one with it, hope began to grow and once hope was realized everything that had never made any sense began to fall into place. Not that the answers you find are not horrifying because some of them are, but it is possible to view it from a different perspective, one that we have not been taught in the evolution of human beings. <br />
The things we value as a society are wrong but because we believe the backward things we have been taught, we spend our time on this planet trying to live up to the standards that someone else has set, seeking their approval, screaming love me, love me when all the while there is nothing anyone else can do to make you happy and their is no one who can shatter your world unless you allow their pain and unhappiness to color your views and change your perspective of yourself.<br />
When you finally see that you are just a pla<x>yer in someone elses drama, it takes on a whole different feel and it is surreal journey. Mine is on-going and I hear your pain. Check out Gangagji on you tube.

totally resonate with you...totally...