EVerything Hurts...

My mother came up to me a little bit ago and told me that as soon as i get into college shes leaving my dad. She says that she doesnt think he really loves her anymore and that they dont even kiss or make love since they adopted me. She always comes to me crying about these things and its tearing me to pieces inside. Not long after that I find out my little brother(half brother) only 15 turrning 16 might be going to jail because he broke probation. When i talked to my brother he told me what really happened and i know hes a good kid but hes giving up his life for his fathers well being. I want to help my mother and stop her tears but i also want to protect my brother from jail. Even tho i force a smile onto my face and hide my tears it has ended up taking a major toll on my mental and phyiscal health which i have started taking meds for and getting couciling. Its still going on even now and i am still involved but they try to keep me less involved.

Tayuya Tayuya
18-21, F
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You can support them better when you are in your best condition hunny.. Support the best you can but don't force yourself too much. Take some time for yourself, go out with friends, do a hobby, give yourself a gift. Take time and do anything that's positive and makes you happy. <br />
<br />
Also always keep in mind that none of what happens is your fault but maybe there's some things you can do to help. Be it just giving a supporting smile or hug. Be their angel but before you can do that you have to be your own angel and give a chance for other people to be an angel for you too. Have a blessed day!

I agree with beatrix

You have a hard life ,it's true and it also true that you can't be less involved because you love them.<br />
But try to find joy in yourself : do some things for yourself ,things that you like to do.And dont be alone and dont take this kinds of problems on you.You just can supporte your bro and your parents,by beeing by their side ,just that you can do.<br />
You know everyone has the choice to do what he thinks with his life.<br />
Try to have a good life,enjoy your life and the situation between your parents can be solved just by them.You dont have any power.<br />
Just the power,I say it again, to have a good life.