Please Help Me...

my boyfriend and i broke up and not even an hour after breaking up he got a new girlfriend and took her virginity.. all within less then an hour of being broken up with me... and then he came over to my house and had "made love" to me ( it didnt feel like he was aiming for just sex, it felt like love) and then he was like " i just full on cheated on my girlfriend, and then he left, and called her, and told her and he dumped her.  now he is hanging around me, calling me baby and kissing me. advice?.. please i need it


to top it off.. i didnt lose my virginity to him and i always wanted to and regretted not losing it to him.
and when he told me had, had sex with her he said. " she was a virgin you know" " she gave me something i couldn't get from you, something i've always wanted."



Rose1216 Rose1216
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3 Responses Dec 23, 2009

Please get rid of that loser. He sounds like a real scumbag.

He's playing with it isn't over yet...stand by for more crap.

Get rid of the dumbass. He's playing games and using you.