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Damn, i can never ever sit still. I have to do something physically all the time...

During breaks between classes in school I run around and climbs walls and everything, meanwhile others are just sitting down doing nothing.

If I sit down for a half a minute my joints starts to tickle and I have to move my limbs around... It is really annoying when I'm trying to sleep... it is so hard...

Everyone tells me that I am too active and that i should calm down a bit...

Funny thing is that I almost always feel a bit tired; but I run around anyways...

'Tis really weird... :D

myspip myspip 18-21, M 3 Responses Aug 3, 2007

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I'm A LOT like that. Do you ever find when you're in social situations, you get so hyperactive to the point where you say things that are too much? Like socially inappropriate and it pretty much ruins your life because it makes you look a little crazy.....?

Hey...the TOO active thing...Isn't that what the super intelligent individuals would do...? ^_^

Don't worry about what others tell you, listen to yourself, tis your body.