Every Minute Of Every Day Distraction

I get upset if my boyfriend is not in the mood or it does not last long enough which lets face it an hour is not long enough. I get depressed after 2 days with no sex. I want it rough and to be dominated like he must have me or he will die. I like woman to, and of course ************. Ill have sex until im so sore it hurts to walk and do it again 10 minutes later. I dont remember being molested altough exploring sex at an early age I did do. Im not sure why im like this but I would love to tone my sex drive down a lot. Im six weeks away from giving birth to my third child, and still want it all the time. With the other two I only took a 2 week recovery before i resumed having sex. We are trying swinging in a few months and im afraid that will fuel my addiction not help quench it.
ladyscream ladyscream
36-40, F
Jan 10, 2013