Since puberty began I've fallen easily into this end of the spectrum, and there were strong indicators I would beforehand.

Since puberty my libido has been in full force, only dulled when I am ill.  To feel sated I need sex 3-5X a day plus 3-5X of ************.  I can enjoy more and do on the days it is available (more partnered or solo sexual time) but that is bonus beyond what I need to be comfortable.

I, of course, can live on less and have in the early days when finding a partner and opportunity were more difficult... The teens where dodging adults, police and friends was always an issue on top of finding someone one wished to be with.

But, that is the minimal amount needed to experience satiation for any period of time.

My libido does not interfere with my daily life outside the bedroom, I am simply always "on" and looking for the next opportunity when I'm healthy.
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I can understand what you are about,Hubby and will have fun with great sex 3-5 X aday and I masturbat with and without Hubby 4-6X aday.

I ********** daily and hate it.

I understand. I am 47 and I still have to ********** 3x a day so that I can think about something else.