Hypoglycemic And Hating It.

So I never had an issue with this (or understood it) till about a year and a half ago after I finished chemo for my brain cancer. I would get so dizzy, nauseous, disorientated, panicky, blurred vision (if I hadn't eaten for a few hours) and of course those are all symptoms of my cancer too. Till one night I had these symptoms and had a grand mal seizure, my one and only. I was with a guy at the time who was diabetic. He called 911 but at the same time took his meter and checked my blood sugar. It was 42. I was basically heading into a coma. Once at the hospital they filled me up with all these meds and lots of potassium. I was so uncomfortable. For the next year I did a pretty good job of noticing when the symptoms were coming on, i'd check my blood sugar and then eat if I was low. Then I quit using the meter b/c I felt I could just "know" when I was low. I did this for almost a year without any problems. Until last night. At about 2am I couldn't even stand. I couldn't see....my hands and my feet were numb. I looked at my fiance and said you need to go get me a meter, strips and a lancet NOW! I downed apple juice and tried to get sugar in my system while he was gone. I was so scared. I knew I was dangerously low. He was gone for maybe 30 min. When he got home and I checked, my blood sugar was 62...and this was after ingesting all that sugar. And then about 2 hours later it was 163. Which is super high for me. I usually am about 80-90 when I'm perfect. I'm wondering if I need to see a specialist? Or call my doctor. Of course I googled all this and I got info saying I'm diabetic now....to people saying it could have been a meter error. I don't know. But I haven't been that scared in over a year. I never want to go through that. I always thought the chemo made me hypoglycemic... but maybe I just always have been. Or was it the brain cancer symptoms I had for years? They are the exact same symptoms... it really makes it hard for me.

I'm 5'4, 137lbs.... I'm not overweight. So it can't be type 2 diabetes and I'm 26 so I'm too old for type 1 right?

I hate this....grrrr. Any advice is appreciated immensely!

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Hi, I have heard that bananas have a lot of potassium, I don't have a meter but when I was growing up I had hypoglycemia and had to eat something every 3-4 hours, most of the time with fruit, ether an apple or a banana or some juice.