Why am I forced to live put this pitiful human existence? I should be with my pack howling, hunting and living as a wolf.I can't take it being in this stupid human body. I don't want to be like this. I want to be free. Away from my human existance, human emotions and human depression. Physically I need this, I need to be wolf and I need it now!
I can't take this human existance much longer.
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5 Responses Nov 30, 2012

you are with your pack and the reasons why you have a human body is to disguise yourself

i feel like this to alot but i got used to it, i get used to most thing pretty fast.

Yes, I agree. I'm getting tired of humans, this body, everything. I yearn to be free, but I can't shift yet. I need it..

I agree with you Silver on the wanting to live the life of a wolf. But shifting will come in time. It's something that you'll be able to do when you're ready. Living a "human life" is something all wolves do unless their families literally raise them like the wolves they are.

Well I am a human and I want to be a werewolf. So if you get down then just think that there are hundreds of people who would love to have the gift you have. I sure would.

Well I wish I would ever be able to shift.