Am I A Werewolf ?

Every mornung I wake from of dream of running in the woods wake up to by back hurting with pain and my legs throbing full of sweat what is gooing on with me everday I thimk of the possiblityof me a werewolf but for some reason my mind jus denies it I don't know why I am confused and it really suck tht I can't just know if I am or not people say I am to young for the change but it feels that my body thinks that I am ready for it already
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18-21, F
1 Response Jan 20, 2013

You can never be to young to become a werewolf, I became what I am today when I was only 12. If you choose to accept it then you will learn to control these dreams.

I will really try thank u so much really for the advice it helps

No problem your not the only one going through these kind of changes

Hi I'm sixteen and I don't know how to p shift yet. Can u help me?

I usually shift when I am angry but when I do I can't control it, but I can also shift any other time. You will eventually realize have shifted and once you have you can then shift whenever


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