I Want My Aunt So Bad!

So I dont even know if this is right or wrong, but I dont even care!!!

I want my aunt sooo bad. She is my mothers sister, so the fact that we are blood i know a lot of people think is wrong, but I cant help myself! Im 21 and she is 49. The weird thing is, everyone says that she and I look more alike than my mother and I. Our birthdays are also only 2 weeks apart, and we have very similar interest, kinda weird huh?!

But any way she is so sexy, at least to me she is. She is about 5"11 and only 140 lb, her breasts are amazing, and perfectly sized. She actually used to be a model.

I have always thought she was attractive, but the first time I really just got mesmerized by her we were at a family dinner. She was wearing a very low cut dress, and her breasts were just pouring out! She was sitting across from me, and I could not stop starting at them. The whole time I was just eye ******* her, and I had the biggest hard on ever! At one point she caught me looking at them, she didn't say anything, but she quickly looked away like nothing happened. Later that night I went home and *********** to beautiful mental image i took, and cummed so hard. That was the first time I *********** to her.

After that I started ************ to her more and more. I would find picture of her on her facebook and and just go to town!! I dont know why, but when I ********** to her, its just soooo amazing and my ******* are pronominal! I have been doing this almost every night for at least 4 years now and it never gets old.

Now every time I see her I just admire her, and eye **** her the entire time. I also try to be flirty with her, but I don't want to flirt too much because I don't want anyone finding out. And when I go to hug her good bye, i make sure to give her a real hug, and press our whole bodies together so I can feel her lovely breasts against me.

She is currently dating someone, but isn't married. I would love to be with her, or at least just have one night with her all to my self. I don't know how I could even achieve that though, but if i just had one night with her, to talk with her, flirt with her, kiss her, have sex and cuddle I would be in HEAVEN.

I don't how I could even tell her how I feel, or if I even should. Im afraid she'll either be totally freaked out and just make everything awkward, or she'll tell other members of the family. I would love to get this off of my chest to her, but I just don't know if it would be the right thing.....

Maybe I could somehow plan to have her walk in on me naked some how or something and see if it could go anywhere from there??? I don't know haha.

But in either case, Im still going to ********** to the thought of her til the day I die :)
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I know what you mean. I've been attracted to my Aunt for many years. I used to visit her every week if I wasn't playing my Bass some where. She used to wear these short shorts that came so far up her thighs until I could see her inner thighs. Now you tell me, what kind of Aunt would do that unless she was feeling the same about me. When ever I bring up those days, she changes the subject. I used to think about her until I released not only the thoughts but the pleasure. Is this right or wrong? Well we didn't ask for this, this asked for us.