Took A While

It did not take a while for me to figure out that i was bisexual. It was not that i was confused, i was more supprised by the straight-foward way i thought of both sexes. I was about 18 when i really knew that both were to my liking. But the first experiences i had when i was 19 / 20 with both sexes was mind-blowing, yet this time...confusing...I did not know where to start."should i kiss him first?...her first?...all three of us together?" 

A small indefinite, landscape on a blissful horizon awaited us three that hot summer day at the beach. The humid air ruffling our hair making it sticky and volumnious, the crash of the waves breaking at our feet , inviting us to cool off. The hordes of beautiful people ( all of them) enjoying Gods gift of sunshine, friendship and most of all the gift of how to trust one another.

His sandy blonde hair attatched to that perfect face and body  made Mark even more hot that day. The lean lines of our summer long workouts before football (college) began showing on his (our) bodies and he could not have been more beautiful that day than any other. His blue trunks clinging to his skin when we left the crashing waves laughing together made my girl jen and i look more than once longingly at his package. None of us were discreet in our passions for eachother and we never had to be...for love was abound for us three.

We playfually grabbed and pawed at eachother innocently enough all afternoon under the hot sun, The thrill of knowing we were going to try a threeway that night made us all tingle in our stomachs with delight. The sex in the air almost had a taste. Jen was wearing her blue bikini top and a summerdress with a black  thong underneath, Her beautiful brown eyes set against the canvas of the fading sun made mark and i almost knock our heads together while staring at her, knowing she was ours and we were definetly hers...which she did not shy from telling us. For her  the love and trust was secondary ( not in a bad way) for her, we were her personal sex servants and her eyes let us know that..

Always eager to please, mark and i spent the afternoon kissing and rubbing, trying to work jen up with our incessant toungeing and over the pants hand jobs (discreet , but enough for jen to see), her smiles were desperate for inclusion but mark and i held her off as we eyed her ( and others) spying us.  One older lady actually walked up to jen and said that jen should get in on the fun. Jen just roared with laughter knowing this was childs play compared to what was to come later.

That night after a light dinner of a seafood platter and iced tea we walked along the desolate beach under a moon-lit sky all 3 holding blankets and a basket. In the basket was some  candles,cheese, crackers, strawberries and lube along with toys. We came ready and we wanted the moment then and there but could not since there were a few couples having their nightly strolls. This was going to have to be a warm-up until jens room mate left the beach house.

jen , now wearing her sundress with no panties and a smile sat between mark and i on the blanket and proceeded to rub our ***** over our pants as all three of us made out under the starry sky. She pulled away and watched mark and i make out for a while , while she played with her vibrator alternating it from her moist lips to her moist , red , swollen ****.  mark started to unzip my pants but held back until we were at the house. ( beach sex is not fun or easy, its sandy and it gets everywhere) So jen in her anonoymous way played with herslef while we kissed and rubbed.

About an hour of feeding jen strawberries and kissing and pushing ourselves to the limit without dropping our pants we could not take it anymore . jen stood up, threw her vibe in her tote and told us to follow her. As we did we noticed we were being led to the beachhouse and her roomate was still there. Jen walked in and walked right up to her roomate and said " listen , i know we have an agreement about guys in the house but this is a little different." Her roomate being the nosy one decided to prod jen on why this was different. Jen pulled her to whispering distance  and told her ( that and something else which i did not hear, or try to) her roomate looked at the bulges in mark and i pants and asked jen if she could check out the scene. Jen looked at us and back at her and said " you can watch them fool around a lil , but they are mine tonight and when I jump in with them you better leave."

Her roomate was more than happy to do this, but under one condition, and that was that jen had to fill her in on all the details. Jen looked at mark and i and said " is that cool with you guys?' mark and i nodded in unision. Her roomate ( kathy )  sat down on the couch in the oversized sitting room and turned to jen and said " make them do something!" like we were robots or something. Mark and i laughed and he grabbed my **** over my pants and said " kathy, do you want me to suck his ****?" Kathy sat up like a alert busybody she is and said "'hell yeah" Jen just smiled at mark and i and nodded.

Mark wasted no time in getting my pants off as he did my swollen **** fell out in front of his gleeful face. he licked the tip and smiled at me and then wrapped his lips around the head and slowly twirled his tounge over it as he stroked my shaft. I leaned back grabbing the back of his head and proceeded to face **** him slowly at first but more and more rapidly until he finally pulled away, gasping for breath, but still smiling his beautiful smile. He took off his shirt as he caught his breath and jen and kathy both whooped and hollered like he was a ********. we all laughed at that.

Mark carefully undid his pants and pulled out his beautiful 9" **** and stroked it as we both embraced , our kissing passionate as our ***** sword fought one another. Kathy squealed and jen moaned ( in a good way) at this. By now i looked over at jen and she was getting her toys out including the double ended ***** she cherished so much. Mark and i thought we were getting a treat in maybe watching jen and kathy use it together, but that was not to   be, as jen threw the ***** at mark and i and said " come on boys , on all fours." mark and i laughed  and did so.

Jen had us put our ***** far apart at first and procceded to lube the 24" monster up with ky. Kathy was giggling and trying to get in on the action but jen held her off  saying " one more time , your gone." Kathy mumbled something, smiled and said " alright boys let's see what you can do." Jen reciprocated this call by saying the same thing as she pushed the ***** up against my star. At first it was a little akward ( first time with a double ***** for mark and i) as i was trying to find the right groove to get as much of it in me as she wanted to push in. She slowly pushed the shiny black ***** in and out of me as she fingered mark, who was moaning over my loud breathing. my face was on the floor and my arms were outstretched in front of me grasping at the corner of the beach themed area rug with my *** in the air with a shiny black 24" ***** in me pointing to the ceiling. Jen pushed it in even farther by now i had consumed at least 7 " of it and i was off my rockers in delight. " Want it more you little *****, huh, your my ***** now " jen was teasing and pushing more rythymically in and out of me.. Kathy chimed in " your in our house now *****'s, how do you white boys like this so far, cause this is your future here." Mark and i laughed and said this future outlook was not so bad afterall.

Jen helped prop  me back up on all fours and then turned to mark, with the ***** now 10" in me  and told mark to push his *** closer to mine. He started doing this , inching his way backward like a pilot trying to make a night carrier landing.he pushed his love star onto the end, we made eye contact and started going back and forth, in sync, while jen and kathy watched to their delight. As mark finally got down 10" or so he let out a low groan and came all over the tacky rug beneath us, his body was quivering as he kept splashing load after load on the floor. It looked like icy frosting and i knew it taste even better. I was too far gone in my world to have cared to lick it up as jen and kathy did so anyway. I watched as jen and kathy literally got every last drop off the floor with their fingers. when they were done and mark was still hard , jen positioned her moist ***** right in his face as he swirled his tounge around her **** she proceeded to grind her love oven into his face

Mark and I continued to push the huge black ***** in our ***** to thrilling heights of unimagined climaxes until i came in jens mouth who was eagerly sucking me now, i kept gushing and shuddering as streams of white goo shot the back of her throat, like a trooper she tried to suck it all down but it overfilled the corners of her mouth, dribbling down her chin and neck....she looked so hot righ then and there. She stood up and pulled the ***** out of mark, my *** still was all over her, ***** still in me i stood also , clenching my *** cheeks together as mark and jen came over to me and swapped my *** all over our mouths while making out.  jen looked at kathy and told her to leave. Kathy protested at first but mark lied and said " dont worry , you will get your turn." She melted right then and there and walked off saying that Jen still owed her the details. Jen stopped kissing me and looked at her and nodded.

All three of us were finally alone and mark did not hesitate to put his beautiful **** in my face. I licked the remaining *** off the shaft as jen made out with him, her hand on my head. As i was licking the white cream off his gorgeous **** jen knelt opposite to me and started licking his balls which caused mark to roll his eyes back while biting his lower lip. Damn he looked so sexy doing that i took his member in my mouth and started to try to deep throat him, i only could get about 7 " down when my gag reflex kicked in, so i slowly and very hard pulled the remaining 6 " out of my mouth until the tip of his **** was between my teeth. I gently nibbled the head as i stroked him, by now jen had both of his balls in her mouth and was making eye contact with me as we both did this for a while...

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Feb 19, 2010