One Day! You And Me :)

This is what I envision doing with you.

As my lips press against your soft, full lips, we both close our eyes, relishing the sensation of kissing a girl for the first time. You can taste the berry scent of my lipstick on your lips, and my lust overdrive is very evident in my eyes.

"That was..." you begin, but I mash my mouth over yours hard, causing you to shriek with surprise. You can feel my tongue pushing against your lips, literally begging to be sucked into your mouth.

Overcome with desire, and almost as if by natural instinct developed by years of kissing a man, your lips part, allowing my tongue to flood your mouth, seeking out your tongue. My hands move up to cup your face, as our tongues battle back and forth. I decide at this point that there is no way you are leaving this room tonight, even if I have to tie you to the bed!

I pull away from you, relishing the shocked but turned on look on your face. I slowly lick my lips, as my hands reaches out to push down the straps of each side of your blouse. Your eyes follow my movements, as if watching a movie in slow motion. You can hardly believe that this is happening to you, and is not some figment of your fantasy. I pull down on the blouse, so your rather nice breasts pop out over top. As I pull in to kiss you again, my hands begin to massage your voluminous breasts very softly. I don't go for your nipple right away... rather, I rub the under part of the breast, as if weighing it in my hands, and then softly trail my fingers over your nipples, to the upper part of your breast.

I remove my mouth from yours, our faces wet from each other’s saliva built up by our passionate kissing. I move my mouth down to your neck, softly kissing and licking along the sensitive neck bone, provoking a soft moan from your mouth. My mouth trails down further, licking my way down your chest, in between your breasts. I look up at you, and your eyes are closed, clearly enjoying the passion of our first time. My mouth just inches from your hard, protruding nipple, I mischievously ask you about that date with your friends. You open your mouth to reply, but I close my hot mouth over your sensitive nipple, twirling my tongue around it, as my other free hand massages your other breast, and softly tweaks the nipple. You bite your lip with an "unghhhhh...." I alternate between each delicious breast, enjoying its fullness as I softly suck and bite your nipples.

You are overwhelmed by the sensations you are experiencing, and rip off your blouse to allow me full access... you grab my long brown hair in one hand, twisting it and pulling me harder into your obviously sensitive breasts. I realize that my mascara is running, but I couldn't care a less... Your legs start to buckle, and you feel like you might fall down in your passionate state.

You spring back to consciousness, as my hands swiftly pull down the little black skirt you are wearing, revealing the flimsiest of red silk panties... obviously dampened by your arousal. I begin to kiss my way down your belly, stopping to run my tongue in and around your belly button... you are ticklish, and this makes your squirm.

This seems so silly to me, as I am looking at your lust-induced facial expression, it is so obvious you want me. Rather, I humor you, and instead I put my face between your legs, to lick you through your wet, almost see through panties. You gasp, and loudly moan ... "ahhhh...... ", as you feel my tongue working away on your ***** lips through the flimsy fabric. I reach up and grab around your hips, as if determined not to let you escape and run out that door, just inches away. Your knees begin to buckle, and you exclaim "oh!" as I guide you down into a kneeling position, sitting on my face as I lie beneath you. My saliva is making the fabric even more see through, and I can see your **** protruding through it... obviously aroused. I clamp my mouth over it, and suck hard, causing you to cry out an fall forward onto your elbows. Now only your *** is on my face, and it seems like you are ******* my face, grinding your hips back and forth, and squirming on the hotel room floor.

I can tell that all I have to do is insert a couple fingers into you to make you ***. Instead, I decide to tease you. I pull away from you, and sit up in the other corner of the hallway. You sit down also, with an obviously confused and very frustrated look on your face. I lick my lips, as I peel off my dress, very slowly. You marvel at my breasts, much smaller than yours, but with nipples protruding out at least an inch. I kick my dress off, and then slowly ease my panties down around my ankles. You can see that I have shaved my ***** into a neat little airstrip.

I lie down on my back in the hallway. You notice that we can hear footsteps outside the door, mere feet away. People laughing, going out for dinner. If only they had an idea of the carnal lust unraveling on the other side of the door.

I motion for you to position yourself again, sitting on my face. Your dying to ***, so you gladly oblige. You're surprised, however, when I reach up with my two hands, grab you by the head, and begin to guide your face towards my wet, glistening *****. I keep pulling your head down, until I can clamp it in between my knees. Meanwhile, my tongue reaches out and flicks at your ****, causing you to emit another frustrated groan.

"If you want to ***, you better start licking me too..." I command. You sigh with great frustration. My tongue again flicks your ****... "God... I want to make you ***..."

The need to ****** is too great, and you decide to abandon your inhibitions. Tentatively, you move your head down until your mouth is inches from my wet *****. What will it taste like, you wonder? Will I like it? What will I do to her? Finally, you feel my mouth clamp over your ****, and suck it hard. One hand pulls your head down to guide it to my *****, as the other begins to massage your butt cheeks. You stick your tongue out, and softly run it along my ***** lips. You are amazed by how nice it tastes... not like everyone said it tastes like. You duplicate what I am doing to you, and clamp your mouth over my ****, as your tongue playfully dances across it. Our bodies begin heaving together in passion, loud moans and groans as we mash ourselves together in a passionate 69.

I feel myself going over the edge, and wrap my legs tightly round your head to hold it in place as I **** it hard. As I begin to insert two fingers into your *****, you scream loud into my ***** and begin to ***... ungghhhhh... ohhhhh..... ahhhhh! We scream in unison as a powerful ****** sweeps through our bodies simultaneously.

You fall off of me, almost limp from the heat of the moment. As we curl up together, I lean over and lick my juices off your face, like a little cat. We then kiss deeply and passionately, our breasts mashing together. We don't move from the floor for another hour, spent by our lovemaking.

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Luv this story so hot