My One And Only!

She looked so innocent...sitting in the beanbag...long slender legs spread...knees raised...her skirt just above her thighs wearing her silk red panties...her firm breasts stretching the tight tee...her hard nipples clearly visible to me.

You smiled up at me as I reached my hand down under the waistband of your panties...slowly moving downward...fingers spread.

I removed my blouse and bra...letting my breasts fall. Your soft blue eyes widened as you gazed at my aching globes. I cupped them in my hands and watched as your fingers began rubbing your swollen ***** lips. I tweaked my own nipples and then removed my skirt...letting it fall around my ankles. I stepped out of it and kicked off my heels...suddenly before you in just my thigh high stockings and sheer black panties. You wet your lips and rubbed yourself more rapidly...pressing into your lips...feeling your desire rising as I went over and straddled one of her thighs...lowering myself onto it...letting you feel my sex on her creamy white skin.

You moaned softly now as I continued watching you ********** in front of me...your first time with another woman. I began rubbing my **** up and down your thigh...teasing you...wondering how long it would be before you have an ******. You were biting your lower lip now and moaning even louder. I leaned down and slowly pushed up your tee shirt...exposing your wonderful fingertips brushing against your nipples. You gasped. I pulled on them...out and up...twisting a little. Your breathing quickened...Your face flushed as your middle finger slipped into her wet slit. I kissed your forehead and then the tongue licking your warm velvety skin...onto the lips now. Your mouth opens for me. My tongue thrusts inside mingling with yours. You kiss back urgently as you thrust another finger into her quivering wet juicy *****.

I move down...licking your nipples...sucking each of them as you grow more intense...your back is beginning to arch... I place my hand over hers as she shudders...your cute firm *** rising as your juices begin to flow over her fingers...wetting her panties and thighs. I press my hand harder and look into her eyes as she reaches the highest point of her climax and begins to grow limp...her body growing limp as she settles back onto the chair...her belly still rising and falling rapidly as the last tingles race through her body. I kiss her warm lips and whisper, "That was beautiful honey." She nods and kisses me.
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Yes, it certainly gets the juices flowing.... and I mean flowing ;-)