From Me, To You....

Words cannot describe what you mean to me

Your naked beauty renders me speechless, bringing me to my knees

Every curve and fold overwhelms my thoughts and feelings

A thousand words cannot describe how I ache inside for you

Tracing your hands over my chest, you smile as your fingers glide over my nipples

I sense your passion as you spread your legs on top of me

Lowering yourself, my longing for you cries out

Your gentle mound nestling against me

I am encompassed by your velvety softness

Swallowed up by your sensuous slit

I long to be embalmed in your womb

Your moisture spills over me like morning dew

It glistens, exciting and calming

The musky fragrance of your passion intoxicates and thrills me

Engulfed by your feminine love

Your soft breasts are like majestic mountain peaks, comforting and filling me with your love

Like silk, your loving embrace wraps around me

Your succulent nipples engage mine, tingling and stimulating

I am overwhelmed by your splendor

Your eyes pierce my soul as I feel your warmth enfold and surround me

You draw my mouth to yours, your hair gracing your bare shoulders

I feel your lips intertwine with mine, and our tongues dance with fervent passion

I breathe your soft breath, like a crisp, gentle breeze

Slowly your hips thrust, drawing me, pulling me to the edge

You milk me with your thighs, clasping and caressing me in your warmth

I beg for your release as your grip tightens around me

In sweet surrender, my back arcs, giving you everything within me

Ecstasycstreaming from between my legs

Your body absorbs and controls me, transfixing and liberating me as I melt into your flesh

Luscious white cream trickles from within your beautiful folds

Your pleasure erupting with mine, aching for more

Overcome with emotion and passion for you, tears stream from my eyes

Quivering with desire, I long for you and the tenderness of your love

You are everything I long for, and satisfy everything I need

You consume me, the heat of your love coursing through my body

I want to lie between your legs forever, bathing, drinking in your love

bkrislyn bkrislyn
Dec 15, 2012