Dreams again

I'm awake and busting for a pee. I'm thinking about you, and fall asleep. I them laying here thinking of slipping into bed next to you . Reaching across to feel if you are naked. Straight away feeling for your hairy bush. Feeling that beautiful thickness of it . How nice it feels. Hoping that I can part your legs enough, to slip my middle finger into you. Then remove it, as I bring it to my mouth and nose at the same time. Wanting to smell and taste you as you lay there .
Perhaps you are asleep, or just pretending to be asleep, so I can live out my fantasy .
I feel your legs part slowly, but you appear to be fast asleep.
As I slip my moist finger deeply into your your *****. I push in and out slowly . You start getting wetter, but I dismiss it as my imagination . I try to reach further around to find that other prized hole. I can barely reach that far down. I wet my finger, and try again. This time I probe it gently so as not to wake you.
You moan in your sleep. I wonder if you will awaken as I lay there with beads of perspiration gathering and running down the side of my face.
As I reach down and remove my boxers, I feel the heat from the back of your thighs. As I gently grip your hips and propel my groin as close as I can to you. I'm feeling so exited , I have to slip into you before it's too late. The anticipation is driving me wild.
I know that if I can't push myself inside , I'll explode all over the sheets.
All of a sudden I find the target. I feel like a marksman, trying to locate the bills eye in the dark . " Oh yes " I whisper under my breath, as I feel myself disappear into that dark place called " paradise !
Of course by this time I'm ready to release all the tension that's been building up inside me over the last hour. You move and moan as I finish and slip out.
The following morning ,you tell me that you slept so well, and had the most wonderful dream. I ask you to tell me what it was about ."I couldn't possibly" you say . I turn my head away and smile ." Okay my darling, I had the most wonderful dream as well"
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Aug 16, 2014