I Am Unable to Find Any Pen Pal On This Site

Am I really so bad as a person, as a human being of this world?


I cannot help asking me this question, because despite my numerous postings on this site, I am still unable find any pen pals as yet.


I must confess that I am nothing special, only an ordinary human being


But what I write is from the heart to the heart.  I am not like Politicians, who, when an election is approaching, with well-rehearsed words, would shake the hands of the people and kiss babies; and then, when the election is over and they are elected, where is the love for the people and where is the love of the babies?  Gone, gone, for ever.


I have no ambition for neither financial gain or otherwise. As I keep saying, my only quest for writing to pen pals, is to try and find a Profound and Transcendent meaning to friendship which, I believe, is sorely and sadly lacking in our world today – there are too many crimes; too much hate, prejudice, envy and jealousy.


I have written four Blogs in all.  May I recommend that you read at least two of them:


             United in Grief  & Gold and Silver waltz.


I think they will tell you what kind of a person I am and want to be.


Is there any one who would care to be my pen pal? If by magic someone care enough to care at all, then please nice and write to me on my email address which is:


                 fance.chorley @gmail.com


Thank you.


France Chorley

Gabrielfc Gabrielfc
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2 Responses Jul 4, 2007

perhaps they're afraid of losing their anonimity?? gee, i'm not even sure of my spelling...<br />
<br />
maybe you can just exchange emails with them here in experience project... i mean, they've got buttons that allow you to send people personal messages don't they? :)<br />
<br />
besides, who would fill our experience project inbox?? mine only has experience project's welcome letters... T_T<br />
<br />
goodluck! :)

hi i will write to you and see what happens, i havent had a pen pal since i was a teenager a long long time ago.