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I just want someone in my life who will love me , who i can marry , someone i can build a family with, I don't feel love by you , My love were are you at times when i need you the most. One minute you come then a few seconds go by and i turn around and your gone.

Then once again i find myself so sad and lonely , I try my hardest when it hurts the most to not speak and to not sound selfish, My darling do you know how much i love you. I ask myself all the time do you love me the same way that i love you, Do you cry at night wishing you were here wrapped in my arms ,

Do you dream of a place that does'nt exist that is more like a fairy tale a place you rather be and never leave, In this place i 'm not crying myself too sleep everynight cause i with you, were together. In this place i don't worry or strees my happiest moments are when i 'm with you in this place.

When i come back down to reality and relize that i'm not really with you forever holding your hand by your side. Were both happy. I get sad because in this reality , it is just a dream that i'm holding on to a dream i fighting with you to bulid.

A place with you that i'll give my life to spend with you. There is just no way you could love me just as much as i love you, I love you more then anythings ,words can't even express alone. Why do i look out my window every hour every second looking for you , When your not there , Why do i dream of you each night before i wake up, why do i reach for you and noone is there, Why do i dream of us one day being together, Why do i sit by the phone wishing that every time it rings it 's you. Why do i give my hopes up time after time when your not there.

I just want to be with the man that i love , I gave up everything i ever own to lay down my body and sacrifce my health for you , lost family members for you , so you could be happy. Held on to your word of us being together held on to broken promises that were not kept,

How can i love someone so much and live each and every day without them in my life,
It's hard it's hard when you say that you love me , when you say baby i promise we'll be together,and when i trun around there is noone there . I'm left broken hearted and confused. Why do i love you. I don't know i just do!

I sit alone in my room all the time thinking about us spending our life together, It hurts me everytime when i come back down to reality and relize that it may never even happen , We have not gotten anywere.How much longer are you going to keep this dagger in my heart how much longer.

Were are you i just want to be with you spend the rest of our lives together , like right not i'm crying a river because i miss you!!! and have no other chocie but to right my feelings out on a sheet of paper , Because there is no way you'll ever understand what i go through, When i 'm not with you, when i don't hear your voice , the pain my heart goes through i should'nt even still be breathing. But each day i live and breath for you, and when i look around your not even there .

Tell me how do i live each day , how do i hold on , It's love even when i try to stay strong i get weak cause i love you and all i have been dreaming of the day when you'll say are you ready come with me let's get married , I try to keep my head up , and try not to sound selfish but i can't hold how i feel back any more,

I try so hard to stand by your side and keep the faith and belive you when you say , baby we'll have our time , omg how can i live with seconds feeling like millions of years from now!! Someone please tell me how to live without my baby jamil in my life. How to deal with looking up and reaching out to him and he's not there , How can i live this way , How do i deal with the pain of missing him each and every day , How do i stop the tears from rolling, How do i stop crying right now.

I love this man so much and he really just has no idea, Omg I miss him i ask for a hug today cause i really needed to feel his touch , i miss him. What am i suppose to do my heart belongs to him, weather he relizes it or not he crushes it. And all i do is just keep a smile on my face and laugh to keep from crying. I act like i don't give a **** and say things sometimes when i 'm by myself that i know good and well i don't mean. I do this to try to stay strong and act like the little things that he say's and do that is does'nt hurt.

I spoke with him everyday for the last pass coulpe days and now just these two days i have'nt spoke with him, He makes me feel like i did or say something wrong. I worry my head trying to wonder if i did something wrong why is'nt he speaking to me all of a sudden , These changes i have a hard time getting use too, God i just want to talk to my baby spend more then 2 seconds with him.

He said the only reason he came over here today was to see if i was okay i pulled a prank just to try to get his attention , And the prank was that my period all of sudden just stopped out of nowere so i took a cab to the hosiptail out of concern and the doctors ran test and found i was with child.

That is the only reason he came over here just to see what was going on. Like i have 'nt spoke with you for 2 day's after for a little while you've been calling everyday , and all of a sudden you just stop and i waited by the phone like a dum *** for you to call.

Then when i do hear for you it's hello goodbye!!! Please don't say hello or that i love you , If all you will do a second later is act like i don't exsit and turn around and tell me goodbye. I'm tried of crying , I'm tried of missing you i'm tried of asking myself if i did something wrong, I 'm tried of Dreaming of us in a place that won't ever happen , To much time has gone bye and nothing has change.

What am i suppose to do when my heart crys out for you, and my souls longes to be with yours and there is no one there. How can i just not miss you, and how can i just stop crying out for you right now how can i stop these tears that are rolling down my cheeks, Cause i miss you.

This is crazy at times i wish i never even love you , some times i wish you would of never stole my heart away when i saw you , So i won't feel so much pain when i miss you, so i won't feel so much pain when we aruge so i won't cry every time after. So i won't reach out for you So i won't wait for you , So i won't dream of you, So i won't feel pain when promises are broken . So i won't have to stress and cry when i trun around and there is no one there.

You set my heart on fire jamil each and every second of my life, You make me feel like i can fly at times and you make me feel like i'm on top of the world , Then once this breif moment is over i fall i'm broken deep inside i 'm destoryed. There's a dagger in my heart's that cut's me open and i just keep bleeding your love, I'm crippled and when i look up there is no you were are you where did you go , Why do you fail to understand me. Why do you fail to commucatie with me , why don't you stay more then 2 seconds with me , I use the word i and me alot more then i use the word us alot, When at times i sound pretty selfish, and when i'm not being selfish i'm just needing my baby jamil's love time sweet words and affection, It should not even be asked it should just be atoumatic. When you love someone they should'nt have to beg .

So what keeps me holding on it is that i love you !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And it's hopes that one day you'll open your eyes and not Spend so little time so little enough you tell me hello and goodbye. The hopes you open your eyes and see although times you were a jack *** i could of just walked away but love is the only thing that is making me stay!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I don't know how i met you , i don't know why all i know is when i with you you swim through my veins like a fish in the sea, Stop don't tell me hello and 1 to 2 seconds turn around and tell me goodbye and that you love me.

Why do you play with me why do you think i love you, is a game it hurts every time you go away or even act like i don't even exicts. It hurts when i need you the most to find that there is no one there, When you told me you'll be there were are you at?! I can't get you out of my head, I sit and wait on you, I get so emotional baby every time i think of you. Is'nt it shocking what love , I rememeber the way you use to touch and i wake up out of dream because the things you use to do just stop. So just keep playing with my heart baby you better wake up , Before it's too late!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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its sad and yeah sometimes men never think that love matters and women is vulnerable and easy to get hurt and when you promise things that you cannot keep is really hard i wish life is so simple but in reality somethings happen this way....