Only The Original...

I only geek out when people actually remembers the original Yu-Gi-Oh!

I listen to the opening songs for the original Yu-Gi-Oh! I mean mostly the Japanese versions because they seem so cool. I mean they look like it could've been a teen or adult show instead of a kid show.

Another reason why I like watching/listening the Japanese version of the opening songs is that I see what the English dub edited out like Téa and Atem (Yami Yugi) being in some kind of relationship or something. I had always had that feeling, but since the English version (it's the same in the Spanish dub) edited that connection out, I spent years dreaming them as a couple, which they could've been! Also Yu-Gi-Oh! R shows that very part, but again English dub got rid of it! Why?!

Ok I'm going really off topic, but still. Why can't we keep the originals? Yu-Gi-Oh! geek/freak forever!!!

Oh I have seen Yu-Gi-Oh! The Movie and the 10th anniversary of Yu-Gi-Oh! movie, Yu-Gi-Oh! Bind Beyond Time. So epic!
YamiNoSukai YamiNoSukai
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1 Response May 24, 2012

nothing is better then the original yugioh i think i watch the original seires over 10 times