On A Belly Button

Adam and Eve had no belly buttons
but then the process of learning took place

u will look after this garden
u will look after yourself
u will live and love
u will do this
u will do that

do this, do that. sit, fetch, sleep, eat. i cant feed them all their lives, i cant teach them all their lives. i made these holes in their bodies when repeating this u and u. They have so soft bodies so sensitive, i just touched them and i made these holes in their bellies,  no body is perfect, such a reminder,
i made these holes when teaching them what u means. u sigular and u singular makes U plural. they couldnt understand this without putting U plural in practice. to-ge-ther! to-get-there! no, humans, listen, this is your home. garden home?  they had such a difficulty in understanding the terms health and home, earth and dome, they confused pronouns, naming themselves u, took them a while to understand that they are I, i had to CAPITALIZE i . they confused eye and I !! silly creatures.
they resemble buttons? we coined the word belly button for them, funny, huh?

They are to commemorate the training, like the all confirming button: ENTER :)

i  will give them some reason, ok i will give them each different reasons, same senses, different passions and same will, remember the will is common, the same as sense. they must learn how to live on their own, in love with love, to enjoy the world i gave them. i gave them reason and senses
teaching is gratifying when u see ur students progress
....................... i will give them free will!
it was a long lesson as they were speechless wondering and sensing new reality
so god got upset used his right hand pointer
and pointing at their heads said:
i gave u reason to think and act thoughtfully
i gave u hearts to feel and follow love,
u will feel it in your guts, where the belly button is, yeah, yeah u feel it when i rise my finger?
hey A and E, where are u heading?
why dont u listen?
...................................... yeah, remember? free will?


beatarify beatarify
46-50, F
Jul 11, 2010