Call Me A Loser If You Wish.

In my 35 years of life I have had a total of 5 sexual partners. I have finally found the person that completes me. She is #1 on my profile.
I do not wish to be with anyone else we became frinds in 2003 and finally met each other in person in 2008. We have been together ever since. That person is Lululee
Snookybear Snookybear
36-40, M
5 Responses Aug 10, 2010

jimmy; thank you for the beautiful and inspiring comment. She is now luscious Lulu on this site.

Why would I call you a loser when you found true happiness, Snookybear... Bless you both for having found true love. There's nothing more beautiful than that.<br />
May your loving light always shine and be of guidance to those who seek...

Evahapy thank you for the support.

Hey guys 2 be in love is the best thing.i wish u happinnes.

Thank you sweety. I'm very blessed to have you in my life as well.