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My ex just sent me a message on Facebook. My last boyfriend who I met on here actually. We broke up two years ago. We aren't friends on there but messaged me asking if I had seen the Carrie diaries. I hadn't heard of it. Then he said he misses talking to me. Why now? I'm not saying anything.
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they suck! the carrie diaries is a horrible show

Oh its a TV show?? I never heard of it..still..he said it's set in the 80's though...WAIT
Are we talking about Carrie from sex in the city or Stephen King Carrie?? I thought he meant scary Carrie and I don't know why in the heck he would think I liked anything to do with sex and the city...maybe because it was as he said..set in the 80's

yes it's based off that tv show.

Oh I am..I just told my bf..he took it well :D
That was one break-up that went smoothly for me..him too...people are so weird..he misses talking to me after 2 years? Oh well...

You must have had a big impact on him.
It's not weird (to me) to miss someone after 2 years, some people just change your life and stick with you in spirit for years and years and years.

Not to be mean but we stopped connecting 2 years ago...but I know how it feels to be on the other end of that stick...oh the pain..gah!

You stopped connecting with him, right? I hear it's totally normal to end a relationship by simply ignoring the other person forever (it's what my Texan ex did to me) in the USA.
When that happens, I think it's not strange that such a thing lasts 2 years, I think it's possible for me to keep having moments like tonight's for 2 years too now.

But I think you know best, it was your relationship. :-) Just wanted to confirm the thing you said about "the other end of that stick", I think it's understandable and quite painful.

Yes I have had it done to me and I did it to him. It's not the best thing to do. All passive and ****. :D

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Continue to let him go.... :)