You Better Believe It!

I am the kind of person that doesnt like conflict. If I dont like someone then I will completly ignore them like they dont exist. I dont want any trouble or any fighting I will just ignore them. I am aware that it wont make them go away........ But for me its better then associating with them. I want to give them signs to let them know I want nothing to do with them. So stay away actions speak louder then words you know! If they were right in front of me I will simply move away and act like there not there. Moving on with MY buisness. I have the tendacy to give people the silent treatment when im mad at them. I turn my back to them, Cross my arms, Close my eyes, Look forward (With that face that says oh yes im ignoring you!), and make an angry groan (Hmph!). To let them know im mad and ignoring them. So sure I can ignore you!
MysteriousShadow MysteriousShadow 18-21, F Mar 3, 2012

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