This Sucks.

I never complete anything that I start! Be it school work, dance lessons or a simple task like cleaning up my room. I start off early, have a schedule in mind, I'm like burning with motivation in the beginning. I roar and go "I'm gonna finish this sucker up, if that's the last thing I do". Yeah so like I get it started right, and then not even ten minutes into it I get majorly distracted by something or the other. Really, I'd give up working for watching tele-commercials. Because I become suddenly unwilling to work and my burning desire to do something, get noticed just flattens down in a couple of minutes.that's how lazy and unmotivated I get.

It's like a curse. See, I'm not a dumb kid. I know if I put the slightest effort I can be faring better at school. But I don't JUST.DO.THAT!! It's this annoying habit I'm trying to get rid off. And trying to get rid of this habit in itself has become a loop. My grades are still average. 

Also, I'm too dependent. I have many, many dreams. I lack the many, many, many realities to ACHIEVE them. I have been told my ideas are brilliant. My teachers tell me I'm a fast learner, my employer once told me I have the potential. I know I have the potential. I KNOW I HAVE THE POTENTIAL. I KNOW I CAN GET IT STARTED! I'm not a pessimist, but I'm tired of thinking that I'll actually finish something and get somewhere with my life. I'm always looking for excuses to get out of doing productive things. 
I have very little will power. I feel useless. I'm frustrated. 
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1 Response Dec 3, 2012

Be gentle with you and try setting smaller goals and tasks that you can accomplish quickly so as to build your self-esteem for what you HAVE finished! Just do the next right indicated thing without worrying about the big picture. Don't give yourself time to get bored, discouraged, or distracted. "Small moves" was the quote that from the movie Contact that immediately came to mind.