Wanted: Extra Strength De-lazifying Magic Pill

I swear sometimes I wonder if the motivated part of my brain is broken! I look around my house and think, I want to do this, clean that, fix something up, re-arrange stuff, or worse, I think about the general stuff in my life like, I want to save more money, exercise, quit smoking, socialize with friends more... And all I ever end up doing is nothing!

I don't know why, I know I sound like whiner, but sometimes just doing the basic day-to-day stuff is enough to wipe out my energy and motivation for days on end. Worse, if I actually manage to do something, it's pretty much all I can manage.
I work Monday to Friday, full time. I get up at 5am so I can sit in traffic for an hour to get to work. I love my job. I work all day and then sit in traffic for over an hour to get home and then that's it! I'm home by 5:30 and just pooped. My husband has to get dinner, because he's home first and otherwise we'd be eating at 7. Once we've eaten I just sit like a lump. Then I go to bed at 9pm to do it all again.
Weekend are when I want to do stuff, but the basics of laundry, groceries, and extraneous weekend-type errands wipes me out again and I usually spend Sunday on my butt doing nothing.

It's so frustrating to be completely aware of my own laziness problem and unwilling and unable to change.

Hubby and I joined weight watchers in September, to great success thus far, but I feel like I'm using that as a crutch - "I work really hard at eating healthy and losing weight, so I don't need to do anything else".

Even now, I'm sitting here typing, thinking, after this, I should go and put away all the laundry, take the dog for a walk, take down the Christmas tree and maybe watch a movie with my stepson, but this overwhelming sense of "meh" keeps me glued to the seat.

Does anyone have any tips for forcing oneself to get off their butt and do stuff? Because life is weighing me down and I want to do so much more with it!!
Bigbadollie Bigbadollie
26-30, F
1 Response Jan 12, 2013

It's so hard to get anything done anymore...guess I'll just take it easy.