Do I Want To Be Immobile

As I have grown very fat and large, I wonder what it would like to be immobile.  Obviously that would involve relying on someone to provide for me.  However, the fantasy remains.  What would that weight be - 800 or more.  At over 500 now, I get around perfectly well.  Yes I waddle and move more slowly than before.  Yes my size means certain activities are more of a challenge.  I keep my strength up and swim so I know I am not going to be using one of those scooters any time soon.  As I keep gaining the thought of being very large does keep coming back.  Who knows - we will see.

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11 Responses Aug 10, 2010

Sounds good hon , I'm aiming for the same myself, though I must admit I don't excercise much and I do have some probs moving around but the thought of being around 700 lbs+ is sooo atractive !

That's great! If i won the lottery, I'd hire people and grow tremendously fat!

I hope ur happy and have the best support possible.i am immobile at over 750 lbs and am well taken care of.

Are you happy?

I bet you are!

How are you. Are you getting fatter?

How are you doing? Haven't seen any updates in awhile. Hope you're still enjoying your lifestyle and indulging in great food. It's a banner time for foodies. Take Care and keep enjoying those treats!

I enjoyed reading this. I don't want to be fat though.

I thought a lot about this question a couple of years ago when I started gaining for fun. At that time, I was sure I did not want to get so big as to be immobile. Then I realized that if I had the proper care and support, I could just decide to be immobile any time I wanted! As I have continued to gain, I have decided that I'd love to be immobile for real, either too heavy or too fat to walk, I still need to find the care I need, but my weight keeps increasing and I could not be happier! I just wish that more men and women with the proper means would decide to enjoy obesity to it's upper limits and become immobile too!

I would love to help you grow

Oh i did forget to ask you willie, have you had to buy any stronger furniture to hold your increased weight? Can you sit on a loveseat and have it feel like a chair to you? Do you ever notice smiles from women who enjoy fat men when you are out there in the world? It is great how you are having fun and enjoying yourself. I love how confident and secure you are with your choice. Would you ever be embarrased if you broke a chair while you were out? Or would you just smile and laugh it off? You would think that rather than talking about us all getting fatter that public places would start working on making us comfortable so we would come back to patronize them more, making them richer and us fatter. The airlines should just give it up too and accommodate larger passengers. After all, every ticket is more income for them, so they really have nothing to complain about.

Wow Willie you are over 500 pounds and still carrying your weight well. That is so cool. I wish i could just watch you walk. I would love to see you waddle and see all that glorious fat move as you slowly walk. Swimming, i bet that feels so good too. I feel tiny compared to you. My goal is 300 pounds and i have wondered what it would be like to be even larger too. I am just eating whatever i want, whenever i want and slowly gaining too. Doesn't it feel so great walking with your big heavy body and noticing every little move it makes? I want to feel that heaviness slowing me down and i have to make more of an effort to move when i walk. I don't know yet how much i will have to gain to feel that way. I have just wanted to feel like what 300 pounds would feel like on me for so long that it is my starting goal. Keep writing, i always want to hear more :) xox