im 27 yrs old and 720 lbs 5'0,i live with my parents and boyfriend who take care of me 247.we have a nice big house all open plan,i live on ground floor.
we have a hoist that can lift me from my bed 2 move me around for cleaning or whatever is needed.
i know i have eaten myself into this position,it was never intentional on my part.although i cant say the same for my parents.i think they had this planned out all the time.
i have health care professional who visits ensuring im as wel as can be expected.
i have sum friends who visit so that keeps me from being too bored.
i know i will keep gaining and become even more immobile.for now i can stll move my lower arms and head.

feedeeclaire feedeeclaire
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I realized this story is from 5 years ago. How are you doing now?

You sound like you do not really enjoy gaining? How does your boyfriend like the gain?

The woman I want to marry and I hope she would find the same attraction and let me love desire spoil and feed her very well. Gawd she would look like a dream with another 200 pounds !

What a great story, please keep us updated :) would love to hear more

That is amazing, Claire! How much do you weigh now? :-)

How heavy now claire?

Wonder how big you are now. I can't stand on my own or waddle. I can sit up some but need a lot of assistance to get in a Wheelchair or Powerchair. Arms are getting heavier too

Hi feedeeclaire! Do you want to lose weight or do you want to keep gaining?

You are 1000lbs at 30 now right?

I'm guessing about 850 pounds.

I am wondering when was the last time,you were mobile. Do you feel that you missed out on a lot in life?

Wish you could post am update. I believe you are 30 now.

Me too,how are you,Claire?

though your situation sounds bad to some, its really amazing to me. I know you heard this a lot. but i do hope to be as inspirational as you.

I hope you do become Inspirational


Living the good life! Hopefully you get fattened even more!

Yes your life seems wonderful. I am almost 600 and getting bigger

Good job, blimp!

Hi Goddess

I am getting bigger and fatter. 400 plus. My lover has already bought me me a Power chair. She is keeping me fat and gaining. I love your positive attitude. How big we're you when you lost your mobility?

Looks like I found you here too!

You will always find me getting fatter!!

And find you getting sexier!!!

I love your story. It is so inspirational to me. I want this for myself...please be my guide

You sound positive and happy and I wish I had a woman like you. I hope you can do art and be creative like Friday kahlo

I adore how you talk about your immobility and your ever increasing weight with so much serenity. That's wonderful. I wish you to enjoy your immoile life as best as you can.

At this rate, we'll all be immobile! lol

I would lie to know more about your store, of how you got here and what your plans.

Are you hoping to reach 1,000 lbs?

I'm not goanna tell you what to do. But I would start workin out, little by little you know. Until I could jog and do push ups. Be like some of those people on TV that lose 3oo lbs, it's possible.

Agree -- purposely gaining so much weight will probably lead to an early death.

You should stop trying to control peoples lives. IM me

Consider yourself IM'd! IM me

please email me <br />
i want to talk to you!

I was wondering why you believe your parents wanted you to be immobile?

Sounds like you're enjoying your immobility...This brings up a valid point that you have to totally depend on other people if you choose to be this way, so make sure it's feasible before attempting. So why are your parents wanting you to be immobile? I would think it would be the exact opposite way.

Maybe they're the type of parents who want to take care of their "Baby Girl" forever.

You might be right!

Great story. It sounds as though you're content and happy with enjoying your freedom to eat whenever and whatever you want to eat. There's something so stimulating about indulging in such YUMMY treats! My mother always made sure we were well fed; what a great childhood! <br />
It sounds as though you have a goal of continuing this well fed and plumping lifestyle! Good luck and stay well.

In case you know that you were born to get extremely obese and cannot stop gaining. Once you are ready to be force fed and have the hottest sex in your life, contact me! You might be ready for me, to feed you with a tube in your stomach. I have experience with this.<br />
If this made you wet, you are probably ready for it! Why wait longer? FullFILL your destiny!

Have you always been a fat girl? How large would you like to get?

Wow! Ever considered Bypass surgery?

Your parents' fault?? Did they shove the food into your mouth or did you voluntarily swallow it?

I have a questionz? How are you able to weigh yourself? How is your aid or personal care assistan handleing baths and the like. Are youusing a computer from bed? Thank you. jorourke. John t

if you are real, im your :)