Passing Through

I'm just here for a short time, hovering along this astral line. On my way home back through the portal where all is well and every being immortal. To a place where tears shall never flow, and all hearts will be set aglow. I'm rising now from these ashes purified as gold, for it is the journey that has made me bold. I resolve to stand in hopes one day to see that beautiful land where streams like crystals flow, full of all God's lost souls. I'm almost there now, stepping on through to the other side, where together with him we will abide. Seemingly lost in translation, I meditate and begin my astral projection: back through the portal leaving all that is mortal seeking the perfection, and my long awaited resurrection.
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46-50, F
2 Responses Dec 3, 2012

Mortals, with their foul souls shall not find this portal of course.

Mercy to all we give, in order for some to live.

AWESOME ! ! . . . you are amazing . . . I love the way you write . . . you are always an enjoyable read . . . thank you for this my friend . . . 8D

I try my best, we are all just looking for the portal...