Is It Wrong To Stare?

Okay, now this may sound like a crazy group to start. (Hermy I know you like to keep watch on my groups but this is a positive one!)
The thing is...I am just amazed sometimes by people's reverse parking. It all started on a night out when my friend Rita was driving this gigantic bus like car (I only know colours, not makes of cars sorry) and she squished into the teensyist space I've ever seen. People on the street stopped to watch as it did look impossible. When we got out one friend even took a photo because it just looked unreal that she could have got into the space without a crash.
Then today...I saw a postman just reverse around in a tight space missing so many hazzards that my jaw dropped.
So yeah, I am in awe of people's reverse parking.
FallenAngelWOOT FallenAngelWOOT
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3 Responses Jan 15, 2013

When I was still on the farm, I drove a two ton truck most of the time, I had such a good sense of space that I could parallel park that thing in town. Between eyes and age, I have a hard time parking a geo in my garage :-), funny how things change.

*squints at you* You sure she didn't do something tricky with the fabric of spacetime to achieve that? Some people... I'd swear they must stretch that patch of road or something, because it doesn't look possible. My main trick is to settle into a nice long space, only to have someone else come along and park right hard up against my bumper so I need to do a million point turn to get out again... :/

i would have done it with my eyes closed listening to punk rock :)

I wanna see :)