I Can't Help It

Like when you see a sweater, and it's not a paticularly amazing or expensive sweater, ubt you just think, "I need that."

And so you buy it. And at the time, it feels perfectly justifiable.

Or when you don't feel like going home and you figure, "I'll just go spend a few nights with Rene."

Then the cops are at Rene's house the next day, and you've got an escort home.

Everyone thinks my intention behind everything is to hurt people. I don't have a reason to hurt people (besides stupid girls, and I'm working on that). It makes me sound stupid, but:

1. I really wasn't thinking.


2. It seemed like a good idea at the time.

AlexDarnvy AlexDarnvy
18-21, T
1 Response Feb 18, 2009

Oh I hear you. I do that almost always, I think. :P It's either I have no sense of judgment or I was possessed that time.