alone i am, and is how i will stay.
id rather be alone than be treated this way.

you are black and cruel and justifiably wrong,
and i'm a bird who's tied down that needs to sing her songs.

a boring, lying creature, guilty all of the time
so sneaky and talentless, not creative enough to write this rhyme.

so go on your way like we never met.
i've tried very hard to teach you about me, but this is something you'll never get.

you are a cold and lonely soul , just like all the other rats in this race.
you should be ashamed of yourself and that perverted smile you always keep on your face.

so fixated and completely hung up on yourself,
uncompassionate and incapable of thinking of anyone else.

you should have stayed from where you came.
instead bringing from your culture a wrath of shame.

so similar to many others ive known.
empty, jealous, and as stiff as a stone.

i wish you well you sad little man,
it must be hard being such a failure knowing you have all the control in the palm of your hands.
Paininmyeye Paininmyeye
31-35, F
4 Responses Dec 30, 2010

i wish i could make you feel any better... i have been through almost the same thing but i'm a man.... <br />
<br />
If you need someone to talk to i will be there. Just msg me :)

thank you all so much!!! i hope i regain my power too!

agree with 2wiceasnice but hope you find the strenght to get out of the marraige and after a spell find someone who will become your partner in every way

What a beautiful and sad poem.