Happily Ever After?

I always thought that you meet 'the one', settle down, and raise a family. I met her my senior year in college. Everybody when I was in high school said go to college, then after that settle down and get married. I married her, and she loved me. We have a beautiful daughter, yet she wants another one! Maybe I just want one child. I do the best I can as a provider, husband, and father, but we haven't even had a normal conversation in sooo long. I am good at reading people, she doesn't love me anymore, she just wants another kid. I find my life to be more lonely now than when I was single and not dating anybody. The only thing that keeps me going is my daughter's kiss and 'I love you daddy'. I will suffer more than ever just for her.
thewriterwithnobook thewriterwithnobook
31-35, M
Feb 21, 2012