I'm Going Insane, I Just Need Someone To Talk To

Hi, I know I'm going insane, I'm trapped in this marriage. he is a lot older than me, he has no education, ugly and stupid. We were together for 7 yrs now, I accepted him only because I wanted to help out my family. my parents were in financial crisis, he offered to help me and we were together ever since. we have a 6 yr old son. for 7 yrs, we argued 5 days a week, I even chased him to the street just to argue with him in face, I know it's getting dangeous, but he managed to make me so mad everyday by talking to me nasty. the biggest reason I'm still with him is my son, but now he's older, he can see the visible conflict everyday. secondly, he gives me 13k cash each month, I have a 1M house on the mortgage , 1 bmw, 1 ford, and all other bills to pay. I live in a very expensive city, every month I have no savings. I used to be beautiful and sweet, now I'm becoming this rude and low class woman, I look depressed and angry. my parents are now depressed too, because they can see how unhappy I am, we never brought him to see any of our relatives, because it's a ashame for me to stay with a man like him. he once got drunk, and told me he argued with me on purpose, so I will get sick, and so busy arguing with him, and no other man will want me. I hate him with passion. but I don't have a job, I haven't worked for many years, I have resposibility to my son and my parents, it's a big financial burden. I'm not pround of my life, I feel so ashamed, I just need to talk to someone, or I'm worried I'm going insane. thank you for reading my story.
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Do you have any type of career. Can you afford to leave?

You can only be an independent individual if you are financially independent. Invest in yourself, get an education, think about what you want to do in your life besides your children and your parents, make plans, get yourself busy. You married him for money and now if you want leave, you need to start making your own money.

I think you have every legal right to a divorce, but what are you willing to pay for your freedom. Sounds like stuff/money is pretty important to you. At some point you will have to pick and only you will know when that time is right.

Depending on where you live you could get child support, alimony, and husband would have to give you some of HIS wealth. Sounds like he has plenty to share. But you would have to contact a lawyer. Some don't charge for one time visit to talk. Find out what you can do...

I live in vancouver,canada, thank you!

I am not familiar with canadian law, so make sure you talk to someone. You can get out, there maybe more things available to you than you know about GOOD LUCK

What country do you live in? I might know how to help.