Worn Out

I have been married for 32 years and I am so worn out. This person just sucks the life out me anymore. The marriage started out bad after six months but I stayed on the advice that you have to stick with it to make it work. We had three children and thank god they don't remember anything. At this point I was stuck. There was no one to take in a mother and three kids. So I continued to stay. Things weren't always bad, at times they were good. But it turned out he was never a good provider and had emotional issues like his old man. Now I'm stuck with a miserable 59 y/o. His emotions are so unpredictable. We never go out and do anything, he doesn't bother with family anymore either. It seems like bad attitude and not depression. He acts like Jekyll and Hyde. I am the man of the house and he doesn't bother with anything. Sometime he threatens to leave. I told him I'll pack his bag. If I threaten to leave he stops misbehaving. There's alot of dysfunction when change is about to occur because he can't handle change. He embarrasses me with his behavior even when thing are fine. This is just the tip of the iceberg. I really don't know where to begin or end. I just know that I want out now.
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I am in a bad marriage going on 41 yrs. I also should have left him when we were married for 5 months. He hit me and I was pregnant. I ran home to my parents but the next day he called my father crying hysterically and my parents told me to go home to my husband. The bastard has also cheated on<br />
Me on<br />
More than one occasion. Now the past ten years have been no good. I had 3 failed back surgeries and after some 5 yrs he decided that he was going to have his own life. He does. We go nowhere together unless my son and his fiancé ask us to go out,other wise I am on<br />
My own. I really want out of the relationship but I have my 17 yr old grandson living with us and that makes it hard to do although my husband talks bad about me to<br />
him. It's as if I am on<br />
My own. So who would care if I left. I have asked him to leave,but he tells me to go. He will not go. I am really in a bad way. I feel like jumping out of my skin. So you are not alone