Why Doesn't He Care????

Hi All my husband of ten years stopped caring about me almost three years ago. He was connecting with some chick in England professing his undying love to her. He then sat me down and told me that he does not love me anymore. Then it was women from all over the world. It finally landed in y bed last year while I was working the night shift. She would drive two hours to have sex with him. He had another FB profile that he would meet people on, other cell phones etc... Now he is not doing that anymore?? But he has a new BFF who lives in Va. and is married with four children to a naval officer. I have be replaced their relationship is not sexual in nature. They do flirt. He values her above me I have confronted him with this and he has not denied it. Today was the worst Mother's Day EVER!! Yes he did go out and get something for the girls to make for me and printed out cards for them to make for me, but there was nothing from him. I was upset and had to leave to go for a walk after he told me he did not get me anything. When I came back I after  half hour and I wanted to talk to him about why he didn't get me a card. It was important to me to have something personal from him but he turned it right around saying that I am not his mother. then he proceded to make me feel bad for seeming ungrateful. Mind you when I got my things I was overjoyed and appreciative. So in the middle of this conversation he is texting with her the whole time and then when she calls he just up and leaves. His Bff covinced him to return after I freaked out in front of my children and the neighbors. SO once again I had to fall on my sword and now he has one more fault to add to his list of resent toward me. Now the BFF is coming up this thurs because my husband is going to be a truck driver he will be leaving for Ak this fri or sat. he will be going for training for a week and then will come home with the rig to get his dispatch assignments. I just do no know what to do? I mean does her husband care how much his wife is communicating with my husband?? I really need her to get out of our marriage but I can not ask that because he would regret me even more. BTW I am a Christian woman and he is born again too. I am trying to turn to the Lord. He is my comfort and my strength. My husband is now sleeping on the couch never has this occured in the past ten plus years of our marriage.
Raid1218 Raid1218
May 13, 2012