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"I am in a bad Marriage".  Granted we've only been married for a short time. But I have already thought about leaving twice. I am at my whits end trying to figure out what happened to the man before we were married. In the past two weeks alone, I have been ignore for at least two hours after we both get home from work. His Mom and dad were invited to a family thing at his work..Not me. I've been called a pain in the ***, even though i clean up after him, cook and basically run the house. I was told just last night that he saw a cute girl at work and wanted a three some so that way he could have a girlfriend. But then once he saw how mad i was said he was kidding.  Putting all that aside, since he is away from home for 3 days sent him a message today that i had a nice suprise for him when he got home. The answer... oh great. I dont want another divorse but i cant be treated like this anymore. And god forbid we talk about our problems and glass candles get thrown at walls. I do still love him but i dont know how to tell him how i feel  
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Write him a letter just like you did here.

yep. Run. Run fast. Run far. this will not get better.<br />
<br />
.....good luck

Run as fast as u can, girl.... run, before u get pregnant and it gets more complicated.... Run!!!! He is not worthy of u......