My Husband suffers from severe depression and we moved across the country to be close to his family. Since we've been here he has become very controlling. I am not allows to have friends, he tells me our finances are none of my business, he doesn't but I do, he never takes me anywhere except his sister's house or the grocery store. Everything I do is wrong and he constantly tells me I am lying even with proof in front if him. He talks about wishing our dog was dead and says he hates it. He says he doesn't know if I low him or not.
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Thanks. That's what I've been doing and not trying to push him too far but he thinks everything about him is a big secret. He is on disability and I work full time but he thinks he is in control of friends, money, who we talk to etc. Last payday he had me pay bills and I asked him if he had our house payment and he said yes. Well come to find out he gave some of it to his son. If his needed money I could understand but he bought an XBox with it. When o say something he says it doesn't concern me or its not my business. Now our payment will be late and I can't pay what I needed to pay this payday. Im afraid to push him because he threatens suicide but I want to make sure we don't lose the house and our bills are paid. We should have $1200known a month left over after bills are paid but we never do and I can't see where the money goes. It seems like since we're married I should havea right to know where our money goes. Thanks for listening.

hey, dont know you much, but just by reading your post... you got a beautiful heart<br />
you care about your husband,...<br />
remember what brings you guys together?<br />
Love will defeat everything<br />
<br />
try this" say thank you, i love you, please forgive me, and im sorry"<br />
attitude will make the difference :)<br />
<br />
all the best :)