Feeling Used

My husband and I have been having problems but I thought things were getting better. They aren't. My feelings were hurt so bad last night and acts like I'm supposed to just accept anything be says with a grain of salt and agree with him. Last night my husband told me he cared former but didn't know if he would ever love me again and wasn't sure if wanted to stay married to me. He said it didn't matter what I did he had to cone to terms with his feelings and it might take years. How can I
Stay. With him? But I do love him. He said I have to come to terms with the fact his family will always be number one and I will come last. Eeremarried shouldn't I be higher on his list? I work fulltime and I never get to do anything I want, he is always on a hurry, he doesn't work so time shouldn't be an issue. I feel like he just wants a maid, cook, and bed partner. Not a wife or an equal.
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Kdow, your story is one with such a happy ending, I hope we can all get to that happy place

wait... you work, you clean, you cook... he is always in a hurry yet he does't work... so hurry for what? he do nothing! why are you still with that loser? buy a *****, it will be cheaper to keep and it will probably love you more than he does....

He's an ***. You should be first.

I have lived with my boyfriend for 5 yrs and he told me the same thing in March of this year.He told me he didn't want to be in a relationship with me any more. I lived with him in his house with his 3 kids, his mother, her caretaker, and my 2 daughters. I cooked, I cleaned, I helped take care of his mother and his kids (not young). His mother has one sided paralysis from a stroke and is wheelchair bound so not always an easy task. <br />
I was always asked to step aside when it came to his biological family. Even when we were dating, he asked me to stay home from his daughters graduation party cause her mother doesn't want me there. He asked me to sacrifice 2 days of our first vacation together as a step type family at a lake cause the kids wanted their mother to come, even though mom and dad lived apart. He and the kids wanted a dog and I didn't but they got one anyway because they all wanted it. His sister is supposed to take his mother to florida 6 mos out of the year and she doesn't and that was the deal. If I bring up that subject, I am a pain and a complainer.<br />
Well guess what,,,,I cried so hard when he told me he wanted me to move out. Now ,,,three mos later, I am the happiest person on the planet. I grieved and got it over with in 10 weeks, have started dating again, live in a peaceful cute apartment with my 17 yr old daughter and can't believe I didn't tell him that I wanted out alot sooner than this. I allowed myself to not be his priority for all these years.......What was I thinking.......!!!<br />
There is a whole nother life out there when YOU start taking care of YOU......go for it!!!!