Broken Spell

I am not only in a bad marriage but one it seems I cant get out of...but I have already written those stories elsewhere...suffice it to say its bad enough...not one person who knows us thinks we should work it out...well today my spouse called from prison...the first six times I denied the call...the seventh I answered thinking it might actually be wasnt and ryan said all the things ryan says to worm on in...and hallelujah I didnt care...I just had nothing to say and no desire to say it...I told him that I hoped he finds happiness and asked him not to call again...goddess that felt good...
it felt even better that I meant it and felt as though I have just moved on *happy dancing*
wickedlittlepixie wickedlittlepixie
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Releasing someone you first loved with a open heart and deep feelings that you thought would never find an ending, can be tough. You search endlessly for the courage to leave, needing validation that it's time. It's like standing and waiting for a train to arrive that will only go in one direction... away, away from what is familiar and into a new beginning. <br />
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The words don't come easy, but as you have pointed out, there was nothing to say, nothing left to feel. Thus in that moment waits the conductor of courage to take you by the hands and lead you away and help you get on board. "Right this way Miss... right this way..."<br />
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superbly put *thoughtful smile*

Good on you wlp. Prolly even worth the price of that call. =)

actually it didnt cost me anything which made it even was a prepaid