My Wife Has Been Disabled All Her Life

hi my name is gary i meat my wife 6 years ago i love her with all my hart i feel i would die with out her but hers the the thing witch i dont mind she has to be carred bathed and every thing she cant do one thing for her self witch i dont mind she is 23 im 30 she does not have any brain probs thats all good but i cant do thisany more i gave up my life for her to take care of her it started long time ago with alote of lies and got worse to he trying to get guys to have sex with her she wont respect me at all she takes me for granted any way she can in 5 years she has never thanked me for all i have done but any ways my point is she always do stuff for her family and not one thing for me her mom can ask her to make a phone call shewill do it i can ask and it will take her days and she will say i forgot we go out she will not dress up but if she goes out with her mom or frinds she dresses up and very pretty so i asked y and she said she just setteld for me and she will never respect me like she would any one ealse i love her so much she has one lung and a bad hart i dont wanna losse her but its killing me i havent smilled in 5 years i just try to keep her happy so much i dont even no if i could cop out in the real world trying to fin a girl to love me the right way i just wanna die some time god i want to smile agian and be loved like any other guy whants there is so much i can tell but aint good at typing just venting here a little wish a nice girl could come take me away and reteach me what its like to be loved
hurtman1926 hurtman1926
Nov 29, 2012