Why Do You Stay?

I have been in bad relationships and good ones, thankfully I am now very happily married. I am bewildered why you would stay with someone that is not right for you or abuses you? I was there, I was the one crying every night because my EX told me not to touch him. Our sex was, every once in a while was giving him a bj. The list of his broken promises goes on and on. He made me feel that if we broke up he would kill himself. Talk about guilt. I asked myself if I wanted to spend the rest of my life like that? The thought was sooo depressing literally made me feel sick to think of me being like I was for the next 50 years. I finally took my life back and said enough is enough. I was told to realize that he is a grown man in charge of his actions, I was not responsible for him. I can't feel guilt. We went our separate ways and now I am happily married. He did find life after me. If I didn't find the courage to move on I would never have found my current husband. Now I truly feel I have found my soulmate. You may feel like you need to stay for your kids but as I said to my parents I would rather see you happy separately than miserable together. Living in a bad marriages teaches your children to do the same.  You deserve to be loved and have someone love you as affectionately, as passionately  and as unconditionally as anyone else. I write this so you will know you are not the only in a bad marriage and you don't need to stay.
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1 Response Dec 11, 2012

very very true.