Marriage Is Stupid

I do not believe in marriage anymore. Unconditional love and promises can not exist in a marriage. There are always lies and hidden facts. I have been married for 15 years, one kid (9), no physical contact with husband since conception almost ten years ago (same room separate beds) he still claims he has not cheated. We now fight or don't talk most of the time. We only stay married because neither one of us will leave and miss time with our kid. 9 more years before our kid is an adult, all I want is to spend what little time I have with him in peace. Kids are not kids for long and they need us, our job is parent first, self and relationships later. Some can have both at the same time (with lies) but apparently I can not even have that. I do not believe in anything anymore.
tiredandhopeless tiredandhopeless
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1 Response Jan 2, 2013

dear friend
I can understand the problem as what you are undergoing. I am a male, have a kid and married for the past 6yrs. my wife after conception never had physical contact with me. we stay in the same house, with a kid but still she says she is not interested in all these. she has become arrogant too these days.
for a male, sex is just physical--so u understand how desperate i am and for a female its emotional. so u seek love, which u r being denied and I luv my wife but denied sex.

i am just sharing my thoughts. urs and mine is a trapped situation, which will end only when we die.

are we made in this world only to endure sorrows and continue like this. i have seen people staying in huts, drunken husband, have little money but still happy. why dont our companion's think simple. dont know.

I have an A+ in almost all the areas- iam not rich, but richly educated, a decent pay, a decent job, no bad habits [not even coffee], but why shud i be taken for a ride--dont know!